MP! Investigates: Here’s why Fifth Harmony have cancelled more gigs on the ‘7/27’ tour

Fifth Harmony have cursed us with some more devastating news regarding the ‘7/27’ tour. They’ve cancelled a bunch of European tour dates without any warning or reason behind it.


Well we did some investigation and have found the true reasons to why the girls have been cancelling tour dates left, right and centre with no announcement. Grab some popcorn because we’re about to spill the tea.

The girls are actually working from home! Not quite putting on a show like they should be, but working on #5H3.


Ever wondered where the inspiration for ‘Write On Me’ came from? It came from the girls tattooing each other! Yep, they cancelled those dates because they’ve got to fulfil the duty of tatting one another up.


They’re planning a super secret tour with Little Mix, proving that #MixersEndedHarmonizersParty is not true! Fandoms unite.


The girl bo$$es actually have a couple of serious, business things to sort out. Unfortunately it’s gotta be sorta ASAP and it might just mean they’ll have to cancel some tour dates.


There’s too much promo around the next single! They’re probs training to be astronauts so they can head off into space to perform tbh. Now that would be #girlgroupgoals.


The time has come. Fifth Harmony are truly revealing themselves as human-eating, lizard-morphing Illuminati clones from planet Rigel 7. Conspiracy theories are true, aye?


What do you think is the true reason for the cancelled gigs? Leave your theory in the comments box below!

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