We got Why Don’t We to use balloon pumps and now we’ve been arrested


Oh dear. Is that police sirens we hear? It looks like Maximum Pop! have got in a spot of trouble. Whilst some pop sites get down to the nitty gritty and ask serious questions to their favourite bands, we thought a different approach was needed when we met pop’s new trailblazers Why Don’t We.

You may have heard us talk about Why Don’t We before. They’re as cute as a button and have some amazing tracks out like ‘Something Different’ and ‘These Girls’.

But, rather than ask the boys about the inspiration behind their brand new EP ‘Invitation’ or super important deets about Logan Paul’s dog (Kong Da Savage) we decided to get busy with balloon pumps.

Yep, you heard that right… balloon pumps. It’s almost as lol as the time we got them to ask each other to prom and try out British accents.

This time around, we got the boys to jump on a Facebook Live on the Fangirl Issues Facebook Page and challenged them to fun filled game of balloon pumping action. The aim of the game was to burst the balloons and complete the dares hidden inside them. But, it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds!

Why Don’t We needed strength, perseverance and 11/10 balloon pumping skills to ace this game. Take a look for yourself in the clip below.

Pretty funny, right? We also captured loads of funny photos from the day. Photographer Ollie Ali took some great shots of the boys and their faces will have you in hysterics. What a cheeky lot!

We’re off to hand ourselves in now. Surely we must be in trouble for causing THIS much mischief?

You can find out more about Why Don’t We and read our ‘Who The Hell Are They?!’ guide by clicking here. You can also watch the funny YouTube interview we did with them here. Enjoy!

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Written by Emma Matthews

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