Who the hell are Why Don’t We?! You’ll be smitten with this cute boy band

Meet your new faves

As far as cute boy bands go, this bunch of lads will quite literally sweep you off your feet. Why Don’t We are the latest boy band we’re obsessing over here at MP! and trust us when we say that they’re ‘Something Different’.

The band is made up of Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais and Jack Avery, and if our awful Dad joke didn’t give it away, the boy’s latest single ‘Something Different’ is an absolute belter.

We’ve been dancing to it non stop since it came out – so much so that we’re beginning to get some seriously questionable looks from people at the bus stop. Oops. Don’t blame us, okay?! It’s just too darn catchy.

Here’s everything else you need to know about Why Don’t We…

1. They love good cuddle

If the boys’ Instagram is anything to go by, they love a good cuddle. Bless!

2. They also take absolute *fire* selfies


A post shared by Daniel • WHY DONT WE (@seaveydaniel) on

3 days till tourrr, who’s coming? #TakingYouTour

A post shared by Zach Herron • WHY DONT WE (@imzachherron) on

i’m happy i swear

A post shared by Corbyn • WHY DON’T WE (@corbynbesson) on

Coffee is good for the soul ☕️

A post shared by Jonah Marais • WHY DONT WE (@jonahmarais) on

Boston, you were amazing. Can’t thank you guys enough. I love you all ❤ @whydontwemusic

A post shared by Jack Avery •WHY DON’T WE (@jackaverymusic) on

Speaking of Insta, you can follow them on @whydontwemusic@seaveydaniel, @imzachherron, @corbynbesson, @jonahmarais and @jackaverymusic.

3. They know how to pull off graduation caps

Graduation looks good on you! Congrats Daniel! Class of 2017 #HighSchoolGraduation

A post shared by Why Don’t We (@whydontwemusic) on

He did it! Congrats Jack! Class of 2017 #HighSchoolGraduation

A post shared by Why Don’t We (@whydontwemusic) on

Why Don’t We are 16 to 18 and Daniel and Jack graduated, recently. Congrats boys!

4. The boys’ fans are really clever

art by @imactuallyalice this is so good

A post shared by Why Don’t We (@whydontwemusic) on

THIS IS… • shoutout to @jonahlyte you’re so talented.

A post shared by Why Don’t We (@whydontwemusic) on

Dang this is incredible… You’re so talented @ranniel_arts!

A post shared by Jonah Marais • WHY DONT WE (@jonahmarais) on

Why Don’t We’s fans are all ridiculously clever. Look how insane this fan art is. What talent.

5. They put Zoella’s YouTube skills to shame

The guys’ YouTube channel is so funny. They’re constantly vlogging and giving fans sneak peeks of behind the scenes photoshoots as well as a taster of all the madness they get up to on tour.

6. The guys love a good old singalong

Just like us, the guys aren’t afraid to bust out a move in public. What jokers.

7. Why Don’t We also get themselves into some sticky situations

OMG! Talk about awks.

8. They love a good British cuppa

We’ll take one with milk and two sugars, please.

9. They once performed Drake next to this super cute puppy

LOOK. AT. THE. PUPPY. Who’s is it and where do we get one?! We want answers.

10. They’ve got a new EP out

It’s called ‘Why Don’t We Just’ and you should buy a copy ASAP.

11. They’re 10/10 pluggers


12. But, their cooking is awful

Uhh… What even is this?!

13. They love pizza

The story of our lives.

14. The boys’ concerts look like so much fun


15. They also need to come to the UK like… NOW

Ya hear that, lads?! We’re waiting.

Are you a Why Don’t You fan? Let us know what you love most about the boys in the comments below. Also let us know where you’d like to see them play next!

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Written by Emma Matthews

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