Who’s cuter? Niall or these 22 kittens?

INTERNET, REJOICE! We’ve always wondered what was cuter, Irish dream boat Niall Horan or incredibly adorable kittens. Lets find out shall we?

1. Ahh Niall opts for the cute ‘squishy face’ here. Kitten cuteness overload with the pointy fluffy tail.

hunting 8267762366_dd1937a58e_z

2. Harry Styles probably has the same face as this kitty – confused/concerned.

Nialler1cute cat pictures (26)

3. Who gets your vote on this one? We’re not sure who we want cuddles from more!


4. Both examples here are using accessories to their full advantage, cuteness explosion.


5. The glasses, the falling over things. STOP IT INTERNET YOU’RE KILLING US.

falling catNiall-Horan

6. Oh god, here we go again. Add a small child and cat yawning for desired cute effect.


7. FYI this is Hamilton the Hipster cat – he has his own t-shirt range. Similar to 1D merchandise we imagine.

8. Shout out to Niall’s arms in this GIF, as well as the face, obv. Mummy cat gives baby a cuddle which melted our heart.

mommy_cat_hugs_baby_kittenniall laugh

9.  This kitten looks like it’s swimming, sorry Niall but even with a teddy you’ve lost this one.


10. I’m in love with you, and all these little things. Argh Niall’s hair has killed us.

11. Should someone tell Nialler he’s forgotten his guitar? Kitty looks like it’s doing an impromptu ‘WOOOOH’ in ‘Best Song Ever’.


12. Is this cat exceedingly small? Or is the dog really big? Either way Mr Horan has donned a suit for this one and he’s looking as good as a Mr Kipling cake.


13. Niall mimics a kitten licking up milk here. While new MP! pet (we wish) learns to tie their school shoe laces.


14. Adorbs, both examples here have a look of ‘love me’ eyes. We do. We love you both, EQUALLY.


15. We’re not sure what Niall’s fortune was in this one but we can only hope it’s something to do with a photo shoot involving kittens.


16.  Dat smile….dat bow tie.


17. Can we all just focus on this cats cute nose and Niall’s stink face in this one please?


18. Oh here we go, put a rabbit in the equation and a wet Niall, it’s all good. We just spontaneously combusted.


19. Fetus Niall. Winking cat. We can’t even..


20. I don’t care, I’m not scared of looo-ooo-ooove. We’re so in love with both of these GIF’s :( hold us.


21. Something you don’t see every day – a thrusting Niall and ginger cat with very impressive whiskers.

22. Niall Horan, as a cat. The best of both worlds.


Well, we died halfway through our critically compiled list of cuteness. Who do you think won that battle? Comments below please MP!ers and let us know if you’ve found cuter.

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