Which member of One Direction would 5SOS eat first?

In a recent MTV interview, 5SOS answered a variety of important questions. Questions that truly matter. Questions like… if they were stranded on a desert island, which member of 1D would they eat first?


“I’d go Liam (Payne) because he’s quite muscular,” answered Calum. Good thinking there, Hood.

So, what would their spirit animal be?

Ashton explained “A Loch Ness monster because we’re kind of tall, but we have big legs so we’re chunky down the bottom and skinny at the top… and no one likes us.”

Aww, bby. We like you. A lot. Like a heck of a lot.


The boys also talked about their highly anticipated film coming out very soon, which we are super excited for.

“We filmed a couple of thousand hours of footage and some things did get cut out because they can be classified as other types of films. Maybe I was jumping off a roof into a pool and there was some Tom Cruise s***. It’s a really good mix of our story as a band, super funny and sad sometimes. When you are in the bubble of the whole thing you don’t get to step back and see what you’ve done so it’s eye opening when you do.”

We can’t wait for it to come out!

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