Zayn reveals who told him to leave One Direction and it’s the weirdest thing you’ll hear all week

Erm…Zayn, you OK?

It’s a long ass time since Zayn flew the 1D nest.

We used to be gloriously salty bitches, but now we have cried out all our sodium and we are left with an empty shell of a directioner.

We had to move on eventually, of course, and ‘MITAM’ did a good job in reviving our shrivelled old hearts.

But recently our horrendously overactive emo side was stirred up again when Zayn came clean on who told him to leave One Direction. And you’ll never guess who.

Not Perrie.

Not another member of 1D.

Not even Naughty Boy.




Does Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban spell disaster for Zayn’s career?

Can you believe no-one has ever noticed that Perrie looks exactly like this famous pop star?

Yes, you read correctly and we are equally in a state of WTF-ness.

Speaking to Glamour magazine about when he first realised he needed to up and out, Mr Malik said:

“An alien spoke to me in a dream.”

I’m sorry WHAT?

We’d love to go into detail with you like what exact words were used, what the alien looked like, etc. etc. but Zayn didn’t explain, so we’re none the wiser, really. Just a bit baffled.

We’re not sure if he’s trolling or he’s being serious, but being “the mysterious one” of 1D, perhaps we will never find out.

What we want to know now is where the hell is this damn alien? Because we’re going to END HIM for splitting up our boys. Who’s with us?

So Zayn seems in a weird mood which means it’s the perfect time to find out how compatible you are with him. We’re sure you and Zayn would have the best convos about aliens.

Also, if you’ve ever had an alien tell you to make a life-changing decision we’d really, really, like to hear about it. You might even get a feature on MP! if we believe ya so make sure to share your close encounters with E.T and co. in the comments right now!

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