WHO DID THIS?! Someone’s edited Harry Potter to create sexual tension between Voldemort and Harry

We’ve been avada kedavra-ed

We actually can’t stop laughing. Seriously, we’re going to need a minute.

We just found something that means we’re never going to be able to watch ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ with the same innocent eyes ever again. No regrets.

Are you ready? It’ll probably change your life tbh.

We’re not sure who made this, but if it was you – serious props, you made us choke with laughter and ruined our childhood in only 11 seconds.

Even the idea of something freaky (and it would definitely be hella freaky) happening between Harry and Lord Voldy in that way (*shudder*) makes us feel a bit sick and ruins seven glorious books and eight excellent films. Soz.

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But it’s not the first time Potterheads have found a siriusly awkward moment to do with Voldemort. Yeah, we’re totally going to watch that Draco-Voldy hug again.

Ah, much awkward, so weird.

Share you favourite Harry Potter edits with us in the comments below!

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