Where’s Zayn? Here’s 10 possible locations, can you find him?

We love a game of ‘Where’s Wally Zayn’

During the last week a really important question gripped the One Direction fandom:

@1D_Updates_EU comes up with 10 possibilities.

1 – He’s finding an inspirational quote and looking for a beautiful selfie among other beautiful selfies that he never had to retake.

2 – Secretly modelling for Vogue.

3 – Sleeping in the church where Louis’ mum got married (he arrived at the wedding 2 days late and has been there ever since).

4 – He’s lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find his ‘chill’.

5 – He’s taking swimming lessons with the 5 and under group. 

6 – He took Arnie the lizard for a walk and lost him in the park and he’s been trying to find him ever since. 

7 – He’s taking a wee somewhere in Poland. 

8 – Spray painting everyone’s wall’s.

9 – He’s on an island with no wifi.

10 – Sitting in a basement playing FIFA cause he’s too cool for the world.

Any other ideas where Zayn is? Let us know below.

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