Could this be the most instragram-able book of 2016? We flippin’ think so!

Sometimes a book comes along that just SCREAMS to be photographed. Emery Lord’s ‘When We Collided’ is 100% one of those books. It’s the colours in the cover, the seemingly simple and yet flawless design, it’s…


…beautiful. And we can prove it too. See here:

The paint theme has to happen. Has to.

Atop a tower of fab fiction:

Or the centre of attention:

Ooh! Yaas! *finger clicks* –>

Early morning art:

And now we’re craving sugar:

In good company:

I aimed to read 7 books whilst away for a week but I only managed 6 and it took me this week to finish the last one. These two are easily my favourite and would recommend them the most. Am I Normal Yet? – A book about a girl who has moved to a new school, that is recovering from OCD and expresses her emotions about her making new friends whilst having anxiety, forming a feminist society, parties and dating, as well as her thoughts relating to OCD. I found it so interesting to gain more knowledge on OCD, in addition to finding things in the book really relatable and the opinions on feminist topics agreeable. I loved it a lot, the layout of the book was great and it genuinely made me laugh in parts. When We Collided – A dual narrative written by a girl, Vivi, who is new to the town, without any friends with such a confident and fun personality and a boy, Jonah, who comes from a broken family. It describes their adventures and how they 'fix' one another. I adored the character of Vivi, the confidence that she had with Jonah and her ability to put his life a little at ease. It really made me want to become more spontaneous, take risks and make the most of my summer. *both books mention: multiple mental illnesses and self harm #goodreads #aminormalyet #hollybourne #emerylord #whenwecollided

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Even we can’t resist it:


What about you? Have you taken a pic of this gorgeous beast? Leave a link for others to see in the comments below!

If you want to take a photo of it, you can get your copy riiiiight here.


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