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What to watch on Netflix as recommended by your fave pop stars

We love ADORE Netflix. Nothing beats getting lost in your fave shows (or even just ANY show. We’re not that picky tbh). And it’s not just us, it’s all your fave pop stars as well!

Well, we don’t kick ass as much as Demi does, but we do love to indulge in a Netflix binge or twelve. But the thing is we often get stuck when deciding which TV show to invest a good chunk of our lives in. This is serious stuff! So here’s some top recommendations of what to watch from some of your fave pop stars!

1. ‘Grace and Frankie’

When Miley tweeted about new show ‘Grace and Frankie’ last year she indirectly led to the producers renewing the show. Like seriously, they renewed it straight after she tweeted this. Helps to have Miley geeking out about your show to 30.8 million followers, doesn’t it?

2. ‘Stranger Things’

You don’t need to tell us, Hilary. We’re already sold.

3. ‘The Fundamentals’

OK so maybe not the most subtle of promos, but if Selena recommends we watch the film she appears in, who are we to argue with her?

4. ‘Annabelle’

Poor Liam was harrassed with pics of that freakin’ creepy doll, but we’re curious to watch the film now.

And presumably Liam got involved with ‘Peaky Blinders’ after Netflix recommended it to him. We’re on it already!

5. ‘Blackfish’

Solid advice from Camila here. The Seaworld documentary about killer whales in captivity changed our whole perspective.


OMG we love nothing more than to curl up with a mug of tea and hang with our fave ‘Friends’, and so does Camila!

7. ‘The Prismatic World Tour’

Another promo one from Katy P, but still a solid recommendation.

8. ‘The Wiggles’

In a recent interview Calum Hood’s BFF revealed that his taste in Netflix shows is totally not what you’d expect. Apparently he watches Disney and kids programmes as the rest of us. Cal responded by saying only this: #loveadisneyfilm.

I think we just fell even further in love.


9. ‘Food Inc’

Ashton doing his bit for humanity.

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Written by David Farrell

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David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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