What do you NEED to read after binge watching… ‘Gilmore Girls’?

Netflix happens. We totally get it. You think you’ll just watch a snippet but then one thing leads to another and before you know it you’ve watched the WHOLE FREAKIN’ SERIES IN ONE SITTING!

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What next? Well, here’s some book recommendations to keep you going until the next season. Or, in this case, until the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival airs. PLUS! If you’re still uncertain, take the test at the end and find your PERFECT book-match. Sorted.

It’s never too late to start watching (or re-watching) ‘Gilmore Girls’ and it certainly seemed fitting to start with this show since Rory is such a big fan of them books.

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But what to read until they’re back on the screen? Well, you could try the ‘Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge’ which would involve a heck of a lot of reading and will probably keep you occupied until Christmas… 2050. All 339 books referenced in the show can be found here.

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Or why not one (or all) of these? Chosen for their sass, quick-wit, bookish appreciation, mother-daughter relationships and the rom-com drama; each has a different Gilmore element to it…

book recs! gilmore girls

Not convinced by these? Alrighty then. All you have to do is answer one question. Just one. And we’ll throw a different rec at your face. We spoil you too much!

So, what did you get? Also, who did you choose? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks

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