WHAT THE SHREK? The original lyrics to Shrek’s theme tune are actually SERIOUSLY messed up

Wave BYE BYE to your soul

If you claim that you don’t jump up and down shrieking at the top of your lungs every time Smashmouth’s ‘All Star’ comes on, you’re lying. And if you say that it doesn’t remind you of one very specific Swamp-dwelling green monster, you’re DEFINITELY lying.

Okay if you stare at that for too long it gets *seriously* trippy. We need a lie down.

There’s no denying that ‘Shrek‘ was an integral part of all of our childhoods, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing perks us up more than those opening beats to ‘All Star’ – NOTHING AT ALL (apart from maybe the thought of One Direction’s hiatus coming to an end).

However, word on the street has it that the ORIGINAL lyrics to this all-time classic are actually some next level kind of dark, and we’re not entirely sure our innocent hearts can take it.

Our childhoods have already been ruined enough recently by the wave of super sexy ‘Harry Potter stories, but now everything’s about to get MUCH worse. As in, Voldemort’s just come back from the dead level of worse. Ew.

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Your ‘Harry Potter’ childhood has just been ruined by this previously unseen photo. Soz.

We thought something as innocent and kid-friendly as a Dreamworks’ classic would be safe from all this existential crisis nonsense, but nope, we were wrong.

Take a look for yourself: Here’s the original lyrics to Smashmouth’s hit. Wave bye bye to your soul, MP! fam (literally – “Wave bye bye to your soul” was very nearly the last line of the chorus, replacing the catchy “Only shooting stars will break the mould”). Talk about putting a dampener on the situation.

Imagine how different ‘Shrek’ would have been with these lyrics instead?

Maybe we’d be watching Shrek the metalhead rescue Princess Fiona from a dark castle of despair – where, at night, she turns into her true Emo self.

TBF, after some digging and we kind of love this Punk Shrek look.

And as if the whole deep and dark ‘Shrek’ thing wasn’t enough, it looks like the internet’s gone MAD with #misheardlyrics:

Let’s just be glad that the lyrics are what they are, ‘cos the originals, and these crazy mishearings, just don’t work.

Would you still watch a dark and twisted version of ‘Shrek’? Let us know in the comments.

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