Quiz: What % Katniss Everdeen are you?

Now everyone knows how much like Hermione they are, the only logical next step is to kick it up a notch. You might be able to survive a dystopian world – but could you be the next mockingjay?

Nobody wants to be anywhere near a IRL hunger games tbh but we’d still love to know how much of a kickass heroine we are. You can check for yourselves on the quiz below. We mean.. .who WOULDN’T want to be like the girl on fire?!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the MP! Book Events site. You never know when Suzanne Collins’ events and signings page will be updated…

THG quiz header

Only Katniss herself could get 100% on this ultimate Hunger Games fan quiz


Are these quotes from ‘The Hunger Games’ or Halsey lyrics? Suprisingly tough!

What percent Katniss are you? Declare it loud and proud in the comments below.


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