QUIZ: What % fangirl are you?

We love freaking out to all our faves! What about you?

Everyone belongs to at least one fandom. From Potterheads to Directioners to Harmionzers, heaps of them exist for all our favourite bands, singers, TV shows and books and we love every single one of them.

After all, fandoms allow us to meet new people, they also offer us the chance to go into fangirl mode approximately 4673829 times a day. Is there anything more amazing?

Do you have what it takes to be 100% fangirl, though? We’ve put together a brand new quiz that will reveal all. All you’ve got to do is answer the questions below. Once you’re done, you’ll find out how much of a fangirl you really are!

If you want more ways to tap into your fangirl side, you should also check out Maximum Pop!’s Fan Project’s website. It’s a great way to organise something special for your fave.

What % fangirl are you? Did we get it right? Leave a comment below and tell us. You can play our other popstar quizzes by clicking here.

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Written by Julia Contorno

Lover of cats, concerts, and coffee.

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