The popstars have spoken… which colour is the world’s most talked about dress? Taylor Swift, 5SOS and Ari have their say.

No, we’re not talking about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, not even Lady’s Gaga’s Kermit attire, the most spoken about dress in the world is one that’s just been stumbled upon on Tumblr but people can’t seem to make out what colour it is.


Half of the world are seeing it in black and blue whilst the other half are arguing that it’s white and gold. But what do the popstars think?

Ariana’s made up a whole new option of her own claiming that the outfit is grey and blue and later tweeted that she sees “ugly”.

Woman of the Year Taylor Swift finds the whole discussion quite scary but believes the dress is blue and black.

T’s friend Jack Antonoff agrees.

Not popstar Gemma Styles is the first member of our jury to claim the dress is white and gold.

Austin Mahone sticks with his American gurlz by tweeting the dress is black and blue.

We’re starting to see a pattern form here… maybe Brits see it white and gold and Yanks see it black and blue?

Newcomer Ollie Marland also sees the dress in white and gold.

5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael chipped into the conversation to decide that he sees the dress in black and blue.

Bieber sees the dress black and blue.


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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini also weighed in posting a picture of the dress on Instagram, showing her frustration on the argument by typing her views IN MASSIVE CAPS LOCK.

So, the world of Pop has spoken and the majority of people say blue and black. What do you think? Tweet us @maximumpop

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