We want to thank whoever is responsible for giving us wet One Direction

Wet One Direction is a thing crafted by the gods to make us doubt everything we’ve ever known, so we decided to appreciate the hotness of four wet men in a master post.

Before we start, how about playing ‘Made in the A.M’ if you aren’t already because we think it would fit perfectly.

A wet Harry is a good Harry

The two sexiest things combined – a wet Liam Payne and a mic spin

A wet wetsuit clinging to an equally wet Louis

How dare he look like this?!

Thank god for white t-shirts, honestly.

Double trouble is here in the form of wet Larry.

He looks like a model and we’re breathless.

He’s actually dripping wet and then there’s also the snapback.

Niall take us to the pool with you next time because we need to see this in real life.

Is the person who filmed this still alive? Because we’re honestly questioning it.

Don’t ever give him an umbrella – ever.

Liam showing his abs is a thing made in heaven.

Seriously, how are we expected to live when wet Harry shaking his hair exists?

Thank you SMG video, thank you so much.

Who’s the poor person that he’s looking at right now? Are they still breathing?

Petition to have it rain during all of the One Direction shows in the future.

We could honestly cry right now.

Bless Niall for wearing a white shirt during this.

Wet Louis is such a sexy minx.

God Niall ruling the world.

What even is this?!

Thank you Lilo for fighting so much because it gave us this.

We’re the man in the background licking our lips because Niall is just too hot.

We can’t even deal anymore.

Seriously, we’re gonna lay down after this because it’s just too much.

He’s a merman prince.

Louis loves being wet apparently, no pun intended.

We’re officially done with life, nothing will make sense after this.

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