We’re 100% behind the #NoSizeFitsAll campaign and you should be too

Here at MP! we think everyone is beautiful. No, really. No matter your size, race, gender, whatever… We think you put the ‘beaut’ in Bruce Almighty’s B-E-A-UTIFUL.


So it should come as no surprise that we are 100% behind any kind of activism that pushes for representation, particularly in the fashion world where a small minority of women are showcased. Tbh, we’re sick of not seeing our bodies, flab and all, swaggering across the catwalk. We reckon we’d make those clothes look just as good, and it looks like the Women’s Equality Party agrees with us. Slay.

Sophie Walker, head of WEP, decided to start the campaign due to the high volume of eating disorder sufferers. In the UK 1.6 million, 89% of which are women, young and old, are dealing with eating disorders, costing a huge £1.3 billion in healthcare. With the introduction of her campaign, Walker is looking to tackle the problem, including sample sizes in the fashion industry.


The “tiny, tiny little clothes are such that normal-sized women have to starve themselves to fit into them,” Walker stated. “We’re talking weeks and weeks and weeks of systematic malnutrition […] And so the first part of this campaign is to say that we think that by this time next year, when London Fashion Week kicks off, the British Fashion Council should have in place a system whereby the designers showing in London must show at least two sample sizes, one of which must be more than a UK size 12.”

As well as this there will be legislation that states models should have health checks before being signed off as fit to work. The WEP also wants fashion magazines to include some important changes, too.

The campaign asks that UK fashion magazines include at least one editorial piece per issue that depicts a woman with a plus-sized frame. Such portrayals are important in order to celebrate female bodies in all their varying forms and, to a degree, normalise them so impressionable individuals don’t feel they must aspire to the impossible beauty standard of slimmer girls.


Not all women are made the same, tbh. We can’t all have exactly the same bodies. Lbr, it would be boring. Some of us have got hips, whilst others have got bootys. And some of us don’t really have much of either and all those different combinations are 100% OK and pretty blooming wonderful, we think.

The final aim of the WEP’s campaign is to have the inclusion of body image in Personal Social Health Education lessons, which we could honestly not be more on board with. Insecurities and illnesses coming from body image problems has become a serious issue in recent years, with more and more affected by the millions of messages fired at them by the media. We think it’s time all of this was taken a little more seriously in young people.

And that’s why we’re so pleased that WEP are starting the #NoSizeFitsAll campaign. The campaign highlights each woman’s individuality and says that being different is OK.

We love that. How about you? Do you think this campaign is a step in the right direction and will you be using the hashtag? Comment below or tweet us @maximumpop.

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