#WeCareAboutULiam: Liam Payne just narrowly avoided death & Directioners’ hearts can’t take it

Whoever messes with Liam messes with the WHOLE GODDAMN FANDOM

If you don’t love Liam Payne to another universe back then do you really go here? No, is the answer to that question. NO YOU DO NOT.

Liam’s kind, caring and he’s got a smile to die for. Seriously, just look at that face.


Liam’s precious, and us Directioners would do ANYTHING (within the law, ofc) to keep him out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, though, Liam came under some serious danger when partying at The Peppermint Club in WeHo last Saturday, and now the fandom are in MELTDOWN.

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According to TMZ, while Liam was inside the club an unnamed man was permitted entry with a fake ID. The same man then continued up into the car park, where he proceeded to fire a round of bullets into the air.

TMZ report that “Cops found multiple shell casings when they arrived“, but Liam “left about half an hour after the shots rang out” – thankfully unharmed.

While we’re super glad that Liam is okay, it’s brought the fandom together in the most inspiring way. After finding out about the shooting, Directioners got the hashtag #WeLoveULiam trending, and the Liam love was REAL:

You guys really are amazing <3

We’re so happy to hear that Liam is safe, especially with his rumoured baby on the way. But be warned, people. If you mess with Liam you mess with Directioners, so stay away from our boy!

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