We went through pop stars’ Twitters, found their problems and gave them some shit Roll Safe advice

If you don’t know, now you know!

It’s not bad advice. It’s just terribly logical. Too logical, you might say. So perfectly pointless that we thought that Roll Safe could probably help put a stopper in some of those pop stars tweets and their problems.

No one is safe from Roll Safe. Even he couldn’t have thought he’d one day be helping Harry Styles and Camila Cabello with their everyday problemos. A true inspiration.

1. We love that Bieber is working towards being his best self…

…and we might have the perfect advice for him on that front:

Just in case you’re not sure why that’s relevant:

There’s also this very good point:

2. He’s just got troubles. And Roll Safe is the one to sort them.

BREAKING! Louis Tomlinson has been arrested in LA

Did Ed Sheeran just reveal EXACTLY when Taylor Shift’s new album will be released?

3. Oh no! Harry Styles is in a bit of bother…


4. We’ve all been there, Camila…

…There is always this option:

5. Less advice, more a tip for future Val Days. You’re welcome, Ariana.

6. Oh Lauren, you’re just so sweet. We feel ya.

But it’s ok. Try this:

7. No one is going to judge you Cheryl. x

8. There’s only one way to avoid them trolls, hon.

9. And because we love her, we couldn’t resist helping out Zoella in her moment of need:

See? Stupid Useful little nuggets of wisdom. What would the world have come to if we hadn’t been blessed with Roll Safe?

What is your favourite piece of Roll Safe advice? Share it with us in the comments!

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