We tried getting banned from Club Penguin by being feminist AF


YouTubers have been posting videos of themselves getting banned off Club Penguin and we wanted in on the fun!

It’s actually pretty damn hard to get yourself banned from Club Penguin without swearing and cursing. We could have done a speed-run and quickly achieved our goal that way. However, we had heard of some people getting booted for sharing their feminist pride.

Welp, that was one troll-train we could climb on board. Can you actually get kicked from the site for just wanting equality amongst pengs? We endeavoured to find out!

We thought it was going to be a walk in the park after seeing this:

So here’s our cute little dude:

Once we’d found our flippers and got ourselves kitted out with a new hairstyle and a mug of coffee we were ready. We started off quoting people like Emma Watson, Maya Angelou and Malala Yousafzai…

But the other penguins mostly ignored us. So we went more general, often flipping the meaning to see if we could get a rise:

We were greeted by a healthy chorus of “no” and “whatever” but still, even when we pushed the language to the point of no return… Nothing. Dammit.

Time for a switch up of tactics. Feminism wasn’t working in our favour. Huh. Doesn’t that figure.

It’s currently full of all kinds of spam since it’s due to close at the end of March. This makes it harder to get your message seen and read. But we weren’t giving up. We would have our words make some kind of impact… (NSFW VERY RUDE OMG PROCEED WITH CAUTION)

…K, so we weren’t gonna go quite THAT hard. So how about if we used Trump? He has said, and continues to say, enough bullcrap to warrant a ban, right?

We took the Sainsbury’s cookie taste test and now we’re about to puke. STANDARD!

14 satisfying snaps of floofy butts guaranteed to make your day 210% better

Wrong. It would seem you can stand in the middle of the Plaza and scream “GRAB HER BY THE P***Y” in all caps to your hearts content. Nothing will happen. Talk about that wall. Nothing. Trash talk Obama. Nothing. It’s HARD being a penguin troll.

On a whim we started throwing out funny quotes from our fave TV series’. And do you know which one finally did it?

Congratulations Daya from ‘Orange is the New Black’ you are our winner!

This is what finally, after everything, got our little penguin butt kicked out of the server:

Yep. We ended up resorting to rude words after all. But seriously?! How can we be allowed to quote Trump tweet for tweet and yet it’s THIS that eventually gets us banned? Sure, it was definitely an inappropriate word. But weren’t the leagues of other things we had spouted wholly inappropriate too?

Let’s just face facts: Our troll game just isn’t as strong as some of these Club Penguin veterans.

Do you play Club Penguin? Are you sad it’s closing? Tell us in the comments below!

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