We tried communicating only in gifs and it was WAY harder than we thought

There’s nothing we love more than a good gif here at MP! so it was only natural that we challenge ourselves to communicate only in gifs. We thought it would be super easy, tbh.

as if

It really wasn’t.

Our first plan was to spend a whole 24 hours talking in gifs, and that quickly ended up just being an afternoon… It just didn’t start very well.

We had to ask someone a question at work and there wasn’t a single gif, or even a series of gifs, that could say what we needed to. We’re not even going to tell you how long we spent over this single sentence bec=FORE we gave up and used our words.

use your words

So instead we decided to take the gifs to where they belong – group chats with our besties.

They were totally down with the idea – we tend to use gifs quite a lot anyway… We celebrated some good news and obviously, used gifs to cheer each other on.


And then a bit of shade happened with someone we know and after a  screenshot landed in our chat, this happened. No words were needed.


Why do gifs look so strange when they’re frozen…?!

But honestly, our gif ‘conversations’ quickly descended into an all out gif war and all actual communication just flew out the window.

Dumbledore gurl

Our friends have serious skill in finding the best gifs and they are truly unparalleled. We’re both scared and impressed.


That bottom one made us seriously crack up – it makes a regular appearance in our chats. We love it.

Have you ever taken up the gif challenge? Let us know at @maximumpop

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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