We say goodbye to the books which changed our lives and prepare to start and new chapter

Put it down. For good.

Whether it’s a temporary book hangover, or more of a longer lasting ache, some of our fave reads haunt us in many ways. Sometimes making it hard to move on and start something new.

This is where Jeff Zentner’s ‘Goodbye Days’ has taught us how to get through this block. Our grief and guilt and feels might not be on the same level as the main character, Carver, but nonetheless, sometimes you just gotta let go of them books. For everyone’s sake.

What is a “Goodbye Day” exactly? It’s like one last chance to wallow. To really feel out all the memories that something or someone had with you and experience the good (and, we suppose, take stock of some of the bad) and finally just let it go. Say goodbye. Be done.

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Some books will haunt us for our entire lives. There’s no stopping it. But we can move forward and find new faves. Here we say goodbye to the books that changed us somehow…

1. ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

The grand master daddy of YA. This book pretty much broke us as a community because you know… THE FEELS! And if you haven’t read it? Don’t be scared by the hype. But DO be scared by the fact that you will need a Goodbye Day to move on.

Yep. And then there’s the mountain of gif heavy reviews that mostly look like this:

It did something to us that we can’t fully explain, but we’re changed because of it. Will anything ever replace TFiOS? No. But should we put it to rest? Probably. Sure, revisit it for a reread once and a while, if that’s your thing, but just… let it go. Say thank you Hazel. Thank you Augustus. Thank you John Green. Let’s be done.

2. ‘We Were Liars’ by E Lockhart

The haunting, poetic and addictive style of this book hooks pretty much 100% of its readers and you’re locked in from cover to cover. But can we actually get our heads around THAT ENDING? Not even now.

Superior writing that can never be paralleled? Well, it’s definitely a stunner. But if we don’t let this one go, how do we start to let other totally flawless books into our lives?

Just take a few moments, breathe in that moment when you hungrily flipped through the last few pages… And say buh-bye.

3. ‘The Raven Cycle’ series by Maggie Stiefvater

Just be done with it, ok? We know. WE KNOW! Those boys are probably some of the best to ever gace the pages of YA.

And, you know, this one isn’t really goodbye is it? Maggie’s going back there. And we can’t wait.

4. ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher

Now that you can devour both the book AND the series? *exhales*

There’s only one word to describe the experience and that’s “intense”. Hannah’s voice is haunting and the message delivered isn’t necessarily a comfortable one to hear.

But now we’ve binge-watched the show, we’re ready to say goodbye. For now. #season2

5. ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

Classic literature informs us as bookworms. It becomes part of our very skin. But sometimes we can stay too hung up on those staples. We love the “classic” Classics and while we hold onto them so hard we can’t truly enjoy others.

So from Catherine to Jane to Elizabeth, take your favourite scenes and lines into your heart and then pick up something else. Who knows? It might be your newest fave classic.

6. ‘Goodbye Days’ by Jeff Zentner

The wound is too new. It’s sore. We know. Reading this book creates such a deep ache… That’s not to say this, or any of the books mentioned, are without hope and light. But the feels, man, THE FEELS! How will we EVER let go of a book like this? It’s just too much. It’s too perfect. It’s too emosh.

And as readers we love a book that can wash over us so completely.

Which books do you need to have a goodbye day for? Tell us in the comments below!


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