Frozen spoons or cucumber slices? 4 tried and tested ways to get rid of your undereye bags – for good

We wish we could wake up looking #flawless but the sad reality of life is that we are not, in fact, Beyoncé (initiate: sobs).

Our undereye bag struggle is so real we’re pretty sure they’ll be paying rent soon.  We just ain’t okay with the eternal dark circles anymore so we set to scrolling the internet to try and find a solution – once and for all. Here’s how we got on:

Now, before we get started, we here at MP! totes believe you should love your body, imperfections and all. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to change a few things here and there if they’re going to make us happier in the long run. Plus, we’re pretty sure these dark circles aren’t the embodiment of perfect health.

That said, there’s so many life and beauty hacks online and we’re pretty positive not all of them legit work. We’re determined to find out which ones are worth our time and which ones you should nope on by.

1. Sleep More

Because seriously, this is literally us:

We’re not entirely sure how we always end up awake in the early hours of the morning but the problem is getting too real. And may or may not be the real reason we’re plagued by our eye puffiness and dark circles.

Um, sorry mum.

We read online that getting a good night’s rest can reduce your undereye bags so we decided to put it to the test.

Usually we spend a lot of time tossing and turning and doing pretty much anything BUT sleeping, but this time we put our phone away early, put our books down, and climbed into bed before 11pm.

We may not have to got to sleep until almost midnight but we sure did wake up feeling more refreshed than usual at 9am the next day. The question is – did it work? Check out the difference:


We’re not sure it really made a difference, but we ARE grateful for the extra few hours kip we got. If nothing else, at least we were raring to go for the day ahead.

Verdict: 5/10 – Sleeping more didn’t reduce our undereye bags but we do appreciate our new energy levels, so it’s a sort of win-lose situation.

2. Cucumber slices

We’re pretty lazy so a quick solution of chopped up cucumber slices and a good ol’ lie down is entirely our cup of tea.

And of course, we had Taylor Swift playing in the background, because who can beat a bit of ‘1989’?

Look at how chilled our we were:


Okay, maybe we were a little stressed out about being able to take a photo, but just trust us that when the camera went down we were loving the relaxation time tucked up in bed.

Unfortunately, you’d probably be better checking out our lazy girl makeup hacks than following this though because safe to say, cucumbers? Useless.

Look at the lack of difference here!


Verdict: 3/10 – Other than making us feel pampered AF they didn’t really do anything to reduce our problem area so we’re going to have to give this remedy a big thumbs down, unfortunately. Points for ease, though. And a healthy snack.

3. Frozen spoons

Now, this one requires a bit of prep work. And by prep we mean sticking two spoons in the freezer for a little bit before sticking them on your eyes like so:


Do we or do we not look absolutely amazing?

You pretty much just have to stand and press the spoon against your bags for a few minute and hope and pray. Of course, keep that Tay Swizzle blasting (or an artist of your choice) whilst you do it to pump some energy into you. If you’re as unfit as we are, after about 30 seconds your arms will begin aching and it is NOT FUN.

Was it worth it though?


Eh… we can see maybe a little bit of difference. The photos, lighting, and angle make it look like more miracles happened than what actually did IRL.

We must admit though, our skin did feel more invigorated and the coldness of the spoons seemed to tighten our skin up a bit. Maybe there is some method to this madness after all?

Verdict: 6/10 – This is the best remedy so far, but we’re still not 100% sold. We could probably get the same effect with a bit of concealer tbh yet that’s not what we’re after.

4. Frozen tea bags

Now this one seemed totally whack but we were willing to give it a go anyway. Along with the spoons we put two of our mum’s tea bags (WET) in the freezer (sorry mum) and then tried to do a ridiculous balancing trick again to take a photo for you.


We almost pulled a muscle in our neck. Be grateful.

So this is another where you absolutely have to lie down if you want to keep them on your face – but hey, we’re not complaining. Bed time is our fave time.

Having frozen tea bags on your eyes is certainly one weird feeling but at least now we know we’d never want Earl Grey ice lollies, right?

They were rock solid and so much colder than the spoons were but…. drum roll please… we think they might have actually worked?! At least a little bit!


Verdict: 8/10 – This isn’t a be all end all when it comes to reducing your undereye bags but it’s certainly the method we’d try again now we’ve seen the results. Not 100% but we’re happy with how it turned out!

Have you tried any of these methods and did they actually work or nah? Do you have a 100% full proof method for us to say goodbye to our undereye puffiness once and for all? Share your secrets with us @maximumpop!

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