9 ways Harry Potter has changed your life, forever

Harry Potter is essentially the one and only fandom. HUSH! Hush. No arguments. It’s the be all and end all, k?


And it’s impossible to understand all the ways HP has changed us. But we are changed. Forever. Life can literally never be the same again. For example:

1. Socks.


Socks are no longer just woolly warmers for your feetsicles. They’re symbols of freedom, a reminder of the brave abolition efforts of S.P.E.W. They make us think of Dobby… *sniffles*

2. Owls.


No owl will ever just be innocently perched on a branch again. They’re obviously on official wizarding business. Delivering those Hogwarts letters…

3. Nargles.


Are obviously the cause of every mishap and blunder.

4. House pride over Blighty patriotism.


You may love your country, but you’ll fight to the death for your Hogwarts house. God forbid should someone insult it…

5. Time turners


That’s how that one person seems to be everywhere at once. It’s got NOTHING to do with careful planning and time efficiency. Heck no. It’s a time turner.

6. Movie theme music.


Hearing Hedwig’s theme will do strange things to you. Shivers. Clammy hands. Butterflies. It effects you more than bumping into your crush.

7. Chocolate.


Welp, if a Hogwarts professor says it will make you feel better, then you might as well eat as much of it as possible. Truth.

8. Malfoy Manor


Exists. Legitimately. And it’s probably every bleak looking manor house you’ve seen ever. 100%

9. You struggle to trust people who aren’t Harry Potter fans by default.


Because it just doesn’t make sense. At all. Muggles.

How has Harry Potter changed you? Tell us in the comments below!

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