Wattpad Writers: ‘Dark and Dangerous Love’ author Molly Night shares her writing process + WIN 250 radish coins!

Molly Night is the Wattpad star behind the 2015 Wattys winner, ‘Dark and Dangerous Love’, a Harry Styles fan fiction story that’s received a whopping 100M reads! We got the chance to ask Molly about her writing.

The relationship I have with writing can only be described as a painful, heart wrenching love affair. And all the tears and pain are sided.

Writing isn’t easy. Nothing is easy. Even sleep comes with great difficulty on some nights. But like sleep, once you start, you don’t want to stop. Once you’re in the zone, once your fingers start typing on their own, words pouring out at their own will, and you become a mere vessel of solidity that transcend your story from imagination to real words on a computer screen. That’s the best part of writing. It gives me joy. It helps me escape. Whenever I’m stressed, writing is always my greatest escape, to fall into another world, immerse myself in the life of another and just linger their, let their problems and lives become mine instead of dwindling and over thinking my own; that is the greatest part of writing. It is a hobby I find therapeutic, one that has gotten me through a lot.

I’m thankful I discovered this hobby, because I get to share my words and let others escape their own lives along with me, let them immerse themselves in the world inside my head, mingle with the voices inside my head. There’s something rewarding knowing something you did makes a difference in another person’s lives. Knowing they love the words you wrote, and that it has helped them through tough times just those words helped you through tough times.

But like I said, writing is a torrid lover, cruel and silent and tormenting in all the worst ways on selected days. Some days you can’t make words appear out of thin air, sometimes you hit a wall, a dead end you can’t write yourself out of. And that’s okay. We all have bad days. One day you might decide writing just isn’t for you anymore, that you’ve moved on from those words and life takes you on a different direction and that’s okay.

Dark and Dangerous Love

What’s your advice to fellow writers? My advice to you when it comes to writing is never to force it. Write for yourself, because at the end of the day your own happiness should always take priority. Love for the art comes and goes but the mind, the body, the person you are remains with you forever till your last breath. Write when you want to, never lose the passion and even when the writing is bad, as long as you love it, who cares? If it makes you happy, then that’s all you need. Don’t ever let others discourage you.

What’s your writing process? I write when I want to. If I have a free hour in the day, if I’m feeling particularly stressed, I’ll open my laptop and write and pump out a couple hundred words. I try to write regularly but I’m so busy these days I can never seem to find the time to site down and write, and most of the time i don’t have my laptop with me so in the past few months I’ve resorted to writing on my phone a lot, which is actually really fun. Though I’m a terrible typer on my phone and all the chapters I write on there are littered with typos it’s embarrassing. I CAN SPELL I SWEAR, IT’S THESE TINY KEYS AND MY FAT FINGERS I’M SORRY!

Will there be a sequel for Dark and Dangerous Love? I’m working on something right now but it might be a year or two before you get to read it. Sorry lol, if anybody wanna do my degree for me so I can write all day feel free. Or just teach me maths and economics because I suck at both lol

What are you studying in University? Economics!

How do you stay grounded? Surrounding myself with down to Earth people I guess. None of my real life friends really knows about Molly so the only time I talk about writing is when I’m talking about it to my fellow writers. And another advice for inspiring writers; find your people! Surround yourself with supportive friends who will understand your struggles if you are serious about writing. Because we all know writing is a solitary hobby and the self doubt of ever sentence and word can swallow us alive. Plus we all need someone to yell at us when we slack. My friend Ariana (Cold_Lady19) is very good at that lol.

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