Wattpad Writers: a Q&A with Megan De Vos + And the winner is…Signed chapter & handwritten letter from Megan

We got the chance to chat with Wattpad star, Megan De Vos, award-winning author of ‘Anarchy’ which has been read a whopping 16.4 million times.

When did you start writing and what inspired you to write on Wattpad? I’ve always loved writing as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start actively and consistently writing until about three years ago. I started writing my first story because I wanted to read something like it but couldn’t find what I had in mind, so I decided to write it myself. Wattpad was something I enjoyed as a reader of Fanfiction for a while, and I thought that it was a great platform to start posting my own writing.

Did you think this many people would read and love your book?Never in a million years did I think that so many people would read and love my book. I very vividly remember when I first started posting and reached 100 reads because I was blown away I had gotten that many. It still is so incredibly surreal that I’ve been fortunate enough to have the success that I have, and I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of my readers.

What has writing on Wattpad taught you? I’ve learned a lot of things on Wattpad: about myself, about other people, about writing in general. I think the main thing I’ve learned from it is how much of a true passion writing is for me. Aside from just loving to write, I love the feeling it gives me knowing that my work makes people happy. I love to make people feel true emotion, as if they were in the character’s shoes themselves, so to do that with words is just the most amazing feeling. That is the best part of everything, in my opinion.

Is there a particular reason as to why you chose to write fan fiction? As a major fan of One Direciton, I always enjoyed reading about them, like many fans do. As I mentioned earlier, I started out on Wattpad as a reader of One Direction fanfiction, though I never imagined I’d write my own. I write about Harry Styles, whose portrayal of Marcel in their ‘Best Song Ever’ music video inspired my first story, ‘Always’. After I started writing ‘Always’, I started getting ideas for different types of stories, so it sort of naturally transitioned into carrying on with more Fanfictions about different subjects.

Who’s your favourite Wattpad author? It’s quite sad to say, but I haven’t had the chance to read anything pretty much since I started writing, so I’m not sure I can say that I have a favorite author based on their work. However, Izzy Saphira is one of my best friends, so I would have to say her. She’s such a sweet, genuine person and she’s always been so supportive of me and my work.

What advice would you give for someone who is just starting out on Wattpad? I get asked this quite often, and I always say the same thing: write something you would want to read. That’s how I got started, and I never imagined where it would take me. If there’s something in your head that you want to write and would enjoy reading, odds are someone else would, too. I would also say to write because you love it; that’s the most important thing. If you’re writing for other reasons and don’t really enjoy it, it will show in your work. As for the actual writing, I would say to plan out as much as you can before you start. I always make a big, detailed outline of sorts to help me keep things flowing and avoid plot holes or errors. And finally, proofreading and editing is essential to making your book as clean and enjoyable to read as possible.

Finally, because we all want to know where the magic happens, send us a picture of where you write.

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