WATCH: The brand new trailer for Selena Gomez’ adaptation of ’13 reasons why’ has just dropped and we’re in AWE

If you wanna know the truth, just press play

Selena Gomez is going from strength to strength. Basically, she’s becoming the boss ass bitch we all knew she could be, and literally slaying it right now. Slay-ing. So when she premiered a sneaky peek at what she called her “passion project”, for which she is the executive producer no less, we were left gasping for air like fish outta water.

Because this ’13 Reasons Why’ looks set to be the YA book adaptation of the year. 

It feels right that this book by Jay Asher, now celebrating a decade in publication, finally has its time to shine on screen too. It’s an important narrative of one teenager trying to explain why she decided to end her life. Or, more, trying to get others to feel how she felt, at least.

After posting the teaser on her Instagram, it was followed up by a snap that made us love her even more.

She says she was nervous? Heck if we could even have an ounce of that cool-looking composure when We were that nervous. It takes a lot to control the outside when on the inside you’re a bag of nerves and butterflies.

We know exactly what Selena is planning for her massive musical comeback

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All that hard work has 100% paid off because from the little snippet we’ve got, it not only looks like they’ve nailed it, it sounds like it too. Extra points, seriously, for that soundtrack. Here’s hoping the whole series is like that because we sure as hell would buy that playlist. And having had a peek into her new musical vibes, we would definitely be down with a track from Selena herself in there too.


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Moody, edgy, harrowing.

All words we’d use to describe it. But, as you’ll see too, it’s poignant, touching, and heartfelt.

Instantly the feels are there, and we think that fans of the book are going to be hella proud of what Netflix, Selena and Jay (the author) have achieved with this.

A peek at a passion project I've been working on with @Netflix. @13ReasonsWhy arrives 3/31.

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We actually can’t stop watching it, and you bet as soon as it comes out on Netflix on 31st March we’ll be binge watching it like a mutha.

Are you stoked for this series? Tell us what you think from what you’ve seen so far, including that stellar soundtrack, in the comments below.

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