Watch ALL The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction HERE! You’ll lol your socks off.

With the 12 days of The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3 well under way, we thought we’d make life a little easier by putting all parts under one roof for you to find.

We’ll be updating every new part below until the end, so you can come back here to watch the new parts and then back again to watch from start to finish. You’re welcome.

way too fast

Part one: Mall’s well that starts well

Part two: Tut tut, looks like train

Part Three: Faun your mark, get set, goat

Part Four:A Harry situation

Part Five:Kab-louis!

Part Six: Liam Alone and They’ll Come Home

Part Seven: Each One Leech One

Part Eight: W. T. Elf?

Part Nine: Why? Weihnacht?

Part Ten: Don’t Take Inferno For An Answer

Part Eleven: The Effects Were Great But The Characters Were Two-Dimensional

Part Twelve: Ep-Yule-Log


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