Warning! These 5 things are going to be fangirls everywhere’s WORST nightmare

Proceed with caution

Red alert, red alert! Fangirls, proceed with the uttermost caution.

We’ve tracked down 5 unmissable things that you NEED to get on next week. If you read on, be careful. We cannot be responsible for your newfound obsession or the amount of time you’ll spend drooling over Lauren from 5H.

See this? This will be you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Be Lauren Jauregui’s Chickentine this V Day

UMM, there’s only one person we want to spend this Valentine’s Day with and it’s our #1 slayin’ babe Lauren Jauregui.

She’s gorgeous, has a voice like an angel and gives one hell of an f about the world. What more could you want?

Are you one of Lauren Jauregui’s Angels? How many of these 9 social issues do you actively support?

If you want to shower Lauren with love this V Day check here for how to send your very own face her way and let her know 1-to-1 how much you adore her. We DID warn you that you’d spend the next week gushing over her.

2. Have a Saturday night in with Ed Sheeran

Disclaimer: No Ed Sheerans will arrive at your house on Saturday night. Soz, as much as we’d like that to be the reality even in spite of these rumours, we just can’t make it happen MP!ers. What we can have, however, is this hilarious ginger God on our TV screens instead.

That’s right, Ed’s turning to SNL to host the show this Saturday night and we couldn’t be more flippin’ excited about it! He has a weird sense of humour but we love him anyway and we’ll be watching along online. Will you?

3. Falling in love and fandom

Bookworms, this one’s for you!

Birmingham Waterstones are hosting a night filled with fandom fanatics, fantasy and loved up YA heroes featuring some of our fave authors on the YA scene: Lauren James, Maggie Harcourt and Miranda Dickinson.

We’re sorry we’re making you leave the house – but just think of the bookish friends you can make there. 100% unmissable event, we’re sure of it.

4. Vine might be over but Liza Koshy is thriving

We were legit devastated when we saw #RIPVine trending all those months ago but, good news, one of our favourite vine-stars Liza Koshy is still kickin’ bigger and better than ever before.

If you don’t want to miss out on Liza’s nonstop hilarity you NEED to get her added on Snapchat now.

5. ICYMI: You can stalk 5SOS now for reals

Just in case you haven’t heard us screaming from the rooftops about this quite enough yet, we’ve discovered a foolproof way to know where 5SOS are and what they’re doing at every minute of every day: and it only takes 2 seconds to sign up.

You can get live reminders about when they’ll be on your TV/radios and other cool updates right to your Facebook inbox and tbh it couldn’t be better. This is every fangirl’s DREAM.

The 5SOS fam just flipped its lid for one very good reason

Your life is about to become 5SOS obsessed and we’re not even sorry. We DID warn you after all….

Did you make it safely to the end of this article? If so, let us know in the comments how much of a mushy, gaggling fangirl mess you’ve become.

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