War Of Words – Battleground – Alarm Pop

Wikipedia is on strike today, so MP! are on hand to give you some facts about brand new pop duo War Of Words…

  1. They’re releasing two (TWO!) debut singles on Popjustice’s Hi-Fi record label.
  2. They’ve been working with the man from shrill electro pop band La Roux (hands up if you didn’t know La Roux was more than one person…).
  3. Their names are Abi and Lucy.
  4. Er, that’s it…

But as we’re MP!, we’re also contractually obliged to give you some opinions as well. ‘Battleground’ is just one of those debut singles (available on iTunes right now) and it’s what we like to call an “ear-worm” of a song. Which basically means that we’ve been listening to the combination of 90’s flavoured beats and soulful, sweeping vocals all morning and have already got to the point of upsetting the entire office by singing along. It’s that good.

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