You’ll never believe how badass Miles Teller looks in his new movie

We’re kind of in love with Miles Teller. He’s a little cutie and he always plays some pretty fab, hilarious roles — ‘The Spectacular Now’, ‘That Awkward Moment’, ‘Two Night Stand’ and of course ‘The Divergent Series‘. Turns out he’ll be doing a bit more of that fighting talk seen in ‘Divergent’ in his latest, seriously kickass film, ‘War Dogs’.


Teller’s new film sees him and Jonah Hill as arms dealers, telling the biographical story of a $300 million contract to supply guns for the US allies in Afghanistan. Unsurprisingly, they find themselves in a lot of danger and, considering it’s produced by the people who brought us ‘The Hangover’, the journey looks seriously funny. Also, Bradley Cooper pops up in it — couldn’t get more perfect than that.

Pretty epic, right? Will you be going to see it? Tweet us @maximumpop.

‘War Dogs’ will be released on the 26th August 2016.

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