WANTED: Oi you, come write daily gossip for MP!

If you can spot and identify a boyband nipple at 15 paces, know a key change better than your local locksmith and have a compromised social life due to your pop obsession, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for pop loving writer-types to submit *daily* music news stories. Stories like Cheryl’s on tour, Britney is running out of ideas, and One Direction are still fit when they’re a cartoon. We’re expecting you to write and post 2 – 3 stories a day.

In return we can throw in some free music, access to exclusive gigs and concerts, the chance to hang out with pop stars, a bit of training in this-and-that, and the ocassional mind-blowing cider/karaoke session in London.

Interested? Write two gossip articles following the tone and format of the site and then complete this.

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No dull pop stars allowed.

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