VOTE: Your definitive list of YA dystopian reads

You may be thinking “Oh no, not another dystopian YA novel!” But trust us when we say that ‘Crazy House’ is the real deal and you’d have to be crazy (geddit?) not to slam it on top of your TBR.

Created by the thrill master himself, James Patterson, this is one vision of the future you’ll be glad to read about, but equally as glad not to actually have to live it. Because DAYUM it is HARSH!

In this terrifying future, teens are snatched and set to live in a prison where they are then forced to fight each other. Welcome to the Battledome. Royal Rumble. Battle Royale in a confined space. OUCH!

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It’s easily going to sit at the top of our list of fave concepts. But it’s also inspired us to find out exactly what YOUR faves are. Not just concepts. We’re talking the whole package. From cute little dimples in the perf book boyf and the impeccable world building, to the hard-hitting, slam-dunking, arse-kicking protagonists.

This is YOU definitive list of YA dystopian reads. And the only way to make it truly YOURS is to VOTE!


Tell us who you voted for in the comments below!

PLUS! You can grab your copy of ‘Crazy House’ right here and see what all the fuss is about!


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