VOTE: Who should perform at the Super Bowl 2018?

It’s never too early to bring glory to the fandom

Sometimes in life you have to be a Janis.

But this categorically is not one of those times.

Yeah we know Lady GaGa may have only just performed at the Super Bowl 2017 yesterday and we are still reeling from how bloody phantasmagorically fantastic it was.

Yeah we know it may seem weird to look forward a whole year to the Super Bowl 2018.

But in our opinion all those are perfect reasons to bring up this conversation right this very second.

It’s all well and good to think about these things a few months before they happen but it’s far better to plan well in advance. That’s a free life lesson from us right there and you’re so welcome.

Also, Lady GaGa‘s glorious performance is very fresh in the world’s mind. Why not afford yourself the opportunity to imagine what it would be like if your fave were to fly in from the rafters like a glamazon eagle from another planet?

How would your bae look bathed in flames like Khalessi mother of effing awesomeness?

Just think how LIT AF (literally) your fave would look surrounded by sparks in a sequined one piece.

Or perhaps you just want to see them flip their hair like a sassy queen on the biggest stage in the world?

Yeah you’re getting into it now aren’t you?

If you plan in advance you have the whole year to get the entire fandom involved and really make some bloody noise. Super Bowl is the best platform if you want your faves to go down in history. You can do that for your fave. All you have to do is show your support by voting below.

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