VOTE: Which Harry Potter word needs to be added to the dictionary next?


It’s official. The Oxford English Dictionary is slowly turning into a Hogwarts textbook and we’re not sorry ’bout it. 

The word ‘quidditch’ has just been added and it makes us want to pick up our brooms and do a celebratory fly pass. But which OTHER Harry Potter words NEED to be included in the Ol’ Dic?

‘Quidditch’ joins ‘muggle’ to be defined to the masses forever. It’s essentially cemented J K Rowling’s immortality. If you wanted to spin a fan theory around it you COULD say that the dictionary has just become her latest horcrux. Wut?

But seriously, there are a whole plethora of fantastic and beastly words that could be plucked from the wizarding world and added to the great tome of English language.



Just so we can have that visual every single time.


A wizard with very little magical ability. :( – but no less loved!


It counts. People wear the name as a badge of honour, or… if you’re a Malfoy sympathiser…

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A wizarding world-wide icon of hope and freedom and strength. He probably needs a statue erected in his name, let alone a mention in the dictionary!


Because they’re the best kind of scapegoat. If you’re having a bad day? Blame the nargles. Tank a test? Blame the nargles. Extra homework? Yep. Nargles.

Which would YOU choose?

Comment below with your FAVE Harry Potter word!

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