VOTE: Which Harry Potter villain do you hate the most?

Obliviate that bitch.

The time has come, Potterheads, to crown the most vile, the most evil, the most skin-crawly villain ever to grace the pages of our beloved HP books.

And let’s face it, JK has given us a fair few brilliant villains to hate with a passion throughout the fandom. Who will come out as the worst of the worst? YOU DECIDE!

Will it be Fenrir, the dirty, snarling werewolf? Or maybe it’s the soul-sucking Dementors that make you shiver. Each villain listed here has a right to be on the list for their wicked ways.

Find out which Harry Potter villain you actually are! –>

What % Draco Malfoy are you?

And then there’s Umbridge… Perhaps we should have left her off this list. A nasty sack of human skin that dared to call itself part of the wizarding community. Seriously. Euw. She’s in a league of her own when it comes to villainy.

But it is ultimately up to YOU who is crowned the as “most hated”, so get to it:

And once you’re done, tell us who you voted for in the comments! RAWR!

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