VOTE: Which Disney classic should get a live action makeover next?

(all of ’em)

It’s a terrifying moment when the Disney movie you’ve worshipped since childhood gets a reboot. I mean, you can’t improve on perfection, right?

But Disney know their stuff and we totally should never have doubted them. Sorry, we love you!

They revamped ‘Cinderella’ and it was gorgeous. Lily James did Cinders beautifully. Then we got one we never thought we’d see in live action – ‘The Jungle Book’! It was deliciously dark and unsettling and the perfect way to add to the story we fell in love with as kids.

Next up is ‘Beauty and the Beast’, possibly the most beloved Disney classic EVER and we’re excited.

QUIZ: Which character from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ are you?

Emma Watson just shocked the world with her vocals in the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer

We don’t think that Belle and the gang are going to be last set of Disney legends to be brought back to the screen for a makeover, but we have no idea what’s coming next.

Vote and tell us which Disney classic you’d love to see Disney re-invent in live action. Soz, this is a seriously hard choice!

What did you vote for? Tell us why in the comments below. 


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  1. I think Mulan would be great. I can imagine it being super atmospheric and the costumes would be to die for. It’s always been one of my faves – one of the most underappreciated Disneys for me.

  2. Good to see I’m not alone with Mulan! One of my all time favourites :) Surprised that there aren’t any votes for Hercules, I’d love to see the muses come to life.

  3. Defintiely Mulan! And I’d love to see it in a very authentic to the culture and time and place too. Subtitles, the lot. Come on, Disney. Do something really special here. Stop copping out!

  4. I won’t lie to you – I’ve only seen a few Disney movies so I don’t really have a favourite. It’s basically a criminal offence I KNOW. After seeing the adverts for Aladdin in the West End, though, it HAS to be Aladdin. Although I do recall going to Disneyland as a wee nipper and literally crying my eyes out because I was so terrified of Jafar…so maybe not.

  5. Arghh, am I the only one who seriously doesn’t want any more live action remakes in the same veins as Beauty and the Beast/Cinderella. They’re pretty and well-made but there’s nothing new being brought to the plot….. why not just watch the animated Disney version instead?

    What I’d love to see is more modern day versions. A Cinderella Story? 10 Things I Hate About You? That stuff is my JAM

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