VOTE: Who is your pop star prom king 2016?

You guys voted in your thousands for who you wanted to be in the ‘Pop Star Yearbook 2016′. We announced the results yesterday and you can check ’em out here.


And now it’s time to decide the biggest prize of all, Prom King and Queen! First off, we’re asking you to vote for who you would like to be Prom King 2016. Here are the contenders:

Shawn Mendes

I’m an all-round good egg who excels in every subject and is captain of every single sports team. Vote Shawn for Prom King 2016!


Everybody loves a rebel, that’s why you should vote for me. I’ll be the baddest Prom King you’ve ever seen!

Charlie Puth

I’m the king of high school. The video for ‘Marvin Gaye’ was even shot in a school, so I got this down. Vote Puth!

Michael Clifford


The teachers tell me I shouldn’t dye my hair. I say screw it. Vote Michael if you don’t like to play by the rules.

Nick Jonas

Everybody wants a good old fashioned all-American boy as Prom King. Vote Nick if you still get jealous!

Justin Bieber

This Prom King would jump into cold, cold water for you. That’s dedication. Vote Justin!

To vote, simply click the button below the song you’d like to vote for in order to tweet it. Alternatively, you can just add the hashtag to a tweet. You can vote as many times as you like, but retweets don’t count. We will count all the tweets and announce the results 7th August.

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