VOTE! How popular are your 1D hairstyle opinions?

So many styles, and we aren’t even talking about Harry…

One Direction change their hairstyles so much we sometimes can’t keep up. But the greatest thing about it is that they just haven’t done one yet that we don’t like.

Although they could probably do anything at all and we’d still love it.

But do you have a favourite? Who had the best fetus hair?

How much did you really like Harry’s man bun?

Did you always really prefer Niall as a blonde?

Have your say now!

QUIZ: Can you guess whether these are 1D or 5SOS lyrics?

Can you guess the 1D song from a single line?

Vote in our poll below and be sure to tell us which style has been your favourite in the comments below! We included Zayn in some of these for old times sake and because he’s still so beautiful.

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