VOTE: Who should definitely be performing at this year’s Grammys?

Grammy performances are always the best, but who would you like to take to the stage?

12th February can’t really come soon enough. The glamour, the red carpet, all our favourite musicians in one place, the nominations, awards and obviously, the performances. Everyone’s always so up for the party – almost as much as Lady Gaga, when she attended in 2015.

Anyway, some of the performances have come from Grammy Award nights. Just think back to last year! We had The Weeknd‘s fiery performance which got everyone dancing (including Kanye).

Last year, Taylor Swift performed ‘Out of The Woods’ and blew everyone away.

And even back in 2014, when Queen B performed ‘Drunk in Love’ with hubby Jay-Z.

Some of our favourite artists are nominated this year, but who should really get the opportunity to slay the stage?

Vote in our poll below and let us know who you chose in the comments box!

WTF! Does this mean that Liam and Cheryl are definitely expecting twins?


Can you believe that no-one has ever noticed that Perrie looks exactly like this famous pop star?


Liam and Cheryl just revealed something totally life-changing and the fandom is in meltdown

Poll closes on 10th February.

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