VOTE: From the silly to the serious, who should REALLY be the next Doctor Who?

EXTERMINATE the gender divide!

It needs to be a female Doctor. Basically. That is all.

Ok, so we WOULD concede to someone like Neville Longbottom actor Matthew Lewis, or you know, Harry Styles. But who do you want to see manning that sonic screwdriver and swooping around in the tardis?

We’ve compiled a list of potential talent, from the plausible to the down right ridiculous. Vote for your fave!

1. Matthew Lewis.

Yep, we reckon Neville would make a pretty good job of this. Why? Because he’s spent years in the shadow of those other three turds, now is his time to REALLY shine. Who needs a time turner when you’re a time LORD?

2. Little Mix

All of them. Sharing the same scarf. Because #squadgoals that’s why. Plus, they’re already in cahoots with Peter Capaldi, the current doctor:

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3. Camila Cabello

Can’t you just picture it? It would be the FIERCEST travel through time and space ever. On fleek.

4. Thandie Newton

Did you see her SLAY in ‘Westworld’? Just imagine that kind of on screen power as she takes on the Daleks. Thrills for days.

5. Tilda Swinton

Is the bookies fave and for good reason! She’s quirky and she’s absolutely amazing in whichever role she accepts. Most recently in ‘Doctor Strange’ alongside Benedict Cumberfutch. Yaas! We would be muy happy with this choice.

For now the decision is entirely in your hands. So vote! Vote now! Get clickin’ chickens:


Who did you pick? Share it with us!

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