Madiya reviews the ‘beyond unexpected, shocking and just brilliant’ Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard is part of Maximum Pop!’s book club for the month of July – and we are loving it. Full of twists and turns, deception and crashing revelations, this is not a book you will be reading slowly. In fact, you may feel the need to power through it in a night – next day grogginess be damned.

MP!er Madiya applied to get her freebie copy of the book so we can see all her thoughts, let’s take a gander shall we?

MadiyaName: Madiya
Age: 20
What did you think of the cover? It’s so gorgeous! The silver crown with the red blood dripping portrays the concept of the novel really well with the red blood portraying the Reds who are commoners and the crown representing the Silvers who are of higher status with powers.

After finishing, ‘Red Queen’, are you excited for the sequel,  ‘Glass Sword’? YES! The ending was just (!!!!!!!!!) It was beyond unexpected, shocking and just brilliant! ‘Glass Sword’ cannot be released fast enough and the cover for it looks incredible. *patiently waits for February

Who was your favourite character? Definitely Mare! I loved her determination and how realistic she was with the things she had to do to survive like stealing for her family and how much she wanted to protect them. I also loved Julian, I really liked finding about his backstory even though it was pretty sad. His story just pulled my heart strings and I need more of him in book two! 

Red QueenBased on your first reactions, were you Team Maven or Team Cal?
Team Cal! I liked Cal from the moment he was introduced and I couldn’t just jump ships no matter how charming and believable Maven was being. There was something about Cal and how responsible he was that stood out but I must say he did become annoying towards the end but I’m REALLY glad I stuck with my team!

If you could choose to have any of the Silvers powers, what would you pick? A Blood Healer, I’m always walking into things, the other day I walked in to my TV stand, don’t ask me how, I don’t even know how myself but the ability to heal myself there and then would have been pretty handy!!

Can you describe ‘Red Queen’ in three words?
A MUST READ!! But more descriptive words would be stunning, shocking and gripping!

Final rating out of 10? 9/10. I’m giving it a 9 because it did take me a while to get into but once I got into it, it was amazing! I will definitely recommend it to people who love dystopian!

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