‘Gripping, powerful and dangerous’ MP!er Sophie reviews Victoria Aveyard’s ‘Red Queen’.

‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard is part of Maximum Pop!’s book club for the month of July – and we are loving it. Full of twists and turns, deception and crashing revelations, this is not a book you will be reading slowly. In fact, you may feel the need to power through it in a night – next day grogginess be damned.

MP!er and book blogger Sophie applied to get her freebie copy of the book so we can see all her thoughts, let’s take a gander shall we?

SophieName: Sophie
Age: 20

What did you think of the cover? I think it’s a beautiful cover. Ever since I first saw the cover announced last summer, I’ve been in love with it.

After finishing, ‘Red Queen’, are you excited for the sequel, ‘Glass Sword’? Definitely, there were a lot of plot twists that I didn’t even see coming, and I’m desperate to see how these problems will play out in the future for the characters.
Red QueenWho was your favourite character? Mare, definitely! Out of all the characters, she was the only one I loved throughout, and I thought she stuck to her morals for the most part.

Based on your first reactions, were you Team Maven or Team Cal? Going off first impressions I’d have to be Maven, but that all changes later on.

If you could choose to have any of the Silvers powers, what would you pick? Whisper. I think it would be interesting, and a bit exciting, to read people’s thoughts, and control them :p

Can you describe ‘Red Queen’ in three words? Gripping, powerful, dangerous.

Final rating out of 10? 8

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