5 Things Every Faction should Know About Veronica Roth’s New ‘Star Wars like’ Book

MP!’s Social Media Intern Stevie Finegan gives you all you need to know about  ‘Divergent’ author, Veronica Roth’s upcoming new novels.

Veronica Roth, author of the bestselling Divergent trilogy, recently took to tumblr to spill a little info on her next big project. The questions are – unsurprisingly – being put to her thick and fast but here’s what she can reveal right now!

1. The books will have elements of sci-fi, fantasy and will take place in a time of ‘extreme political unrest’, so a lot of people have been comparing them to Star Wars!


2. The series will be a duology, consisting of two books, each being published a year apart.

3. The story will focus on a boy called Akos, who (along with his brother) is kidnapped by an enemy nation.

4. To save his brother’s life, Akos is forced to work with a girl called Cyra – the nation’s dictator’s sister.

Earning Cyra’s trust however is difficult, Roth says, ‘to put it mildly’.

But we can already sense the tension building up again.

5. Considering, however, that the first book won’t be published until 2017, for the moment, we might just have to sit back, relax, and see how many times it is possible to reread about Tris, Four and the factions.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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