Wait, did Velvetgh0st just admit she’s been lying to us?

It goes without saying that Gabriella Lindley is an absolute babe. She’s relatable, loves cats and is one talented lady.

Basically, Gabbie is everything we want in a YouTuber, and we’re not ashamed to say that we are 100% in the Velvetgh0st fangirl club.

So as you can imagine, we were SHOCKED to find out that she has openly admitted to having lied to us. 

In her most recent video,  G-Lindz took the plunge and decided to spill the beans on a load of personal questions.

One question which she answered, was to name a big old lie she’d told. In response, Gabriella’s said she’s lied about her name before, and we were SHOCKED.

But before you get worried, it’s all completely understandable and above board. GL explained that, because her Instagram got quite big before her YouTube, she didn’t want to put her full name online to avoid being ‘hunted down and murdered’. OH GABBIE, WE DO LOVE YA.

To keep her own privacy Gabriella used to change her name on the regs, and avoided revealing her true identity.

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From Aria to Gabriella Sassoon (inspired by MIC, ofC), she’s definitely been taking some creative license when it comes to names.

If you ask us, she is one smart cat-shaped cookie, and you can’t knock her creativity.

Gabz also revealed that the last song she listened to on Spotify was Sleeping with Sirens’ ‘If I’m James Dean, then you’re Audrey Hepburn’ (great tune, by the way).

If you want to find out a load of other amazing facts about Gabbie (you definitely won’t regret it), you can check out her latest video below.

Make sure to let us know what you think of Gabz’ ‘secrets’, and if there’s anything else you’re DYING to know by leaving a comment below!

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