There’s a sexy new Vamps photoshoot and we know what they’re really thinking in the shots.

A brand new The Vamps photoshoot? Yes please, we’ll never get bored of staring at those boys. However, instead of just gazing lovely into their eyes, we’ve whacked out the crystal ball once again to find out exactly what James, Tristan, Connor and Brad are thinking in the new shots. If you thought the Paper Towns cast were bad at their photo call, then you’ve seen nothing yet. We’re not too sure if we mean what they’re thinking is bad or whether we’re questioning our telepathy skills.

Be afraid boys, we’ve entered your minds and we’re ready to spill all.

yeah, you hug each other in fear.
yeah, you hug each other in fear.

First up is Mr Bradley Simpson. He’s looking his best with all his quiffed-hair goodness but can you see the slight fear in his eyes? The small strain on his left eye? That’s because he can’t quite remember if he turned the iron off or not.



Next is Tristan Evans. He’s a joker, isn’t he? But he’s not pulling a funny face in this photo, oh no. That’s the look of genuine confusion towards why the runner on the photoshoot set is referring to the band as Union J.



Connor Ball’s up next. And it seems he can’t stop thinking about our very own Luke Franks – he finds him to be very delicious, you see. And ever since his chat with The Vamps at Thorpe Park last week, Conor hasn’t been able to put his tongue back in his mouth as it seems he wants to lick Luke’s face a little bit.



And finally, it’s James McVey. Although he looks genuinely happy in this photograph, our psychic skills are telling us something different. His smile is totally through politeness as he’s actually quite annoyed that the photographer made him wear clothes.



And now we’ve mentioned it, we’re quite angry he’s wearing clothes, too.



That’s better.

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