8 differences between a UK and US Christmas that will blow your mind!

You’d be totally forgiven for thinking that the US and the UK have fairly similar Christmastime traditions. And to be fair, we do, but there are some things that are missing on a US xmas dinner table that might make you scratch your head.


Here’s a list of some of the most surprising differences between a US and a UK Christmas:

1. Christmas crackers – Literally not a thing in the US. The christmas cracker is a staple. It’s a must. But nope, doesn’t exist in an American Christmas.


2. Father Christmas – The US almost exclusively refers as the man in red with the reindeer as “Santa” or “Santa Claus”.


3. Santa lives in the North Pole – And not Lapland, as we often refer to his address as.


4. Mince pies – Another UK staple which is like a unicorn in the US. What are they even doing?


5.  The Christmas number one – Isn’t a thing, either. Since streaming services changed how the charts work in the UK, the Christmas number hasn’t had the same prestige. But it’s still totally a thing.


6. Panto? – Oh no there isn’t! Apparently most won’t even know what one is.


7. Boxing Day – Is purely our own. The US doesn’t have a Boxing Day. Sad times.


8. Lights – Because we in the UK can go crazy with our lights on our houses… But nothing compares to US suburbia and their BONKERS light shows!

Have any of these surprised you? Do you know of any other differences? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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