Here’s how the US election results will make being a girl 10x more terrifying

So, you’ve heard the news:  Donald Trump is president.

People around the world are pretty sad – and they’re also kind of terrified for what this election’s result means for women and other marginalised groups across the US and beyond. We are too.

So Hillary didn’t get in. You might think that’s okay. This is just politics and democracy, right? Wrong. Here’s why the results of this election is still totally a feminist issue:

No matter whose party you’re affiliated with, whether you’re all about the #ImWithHer movement or a Trump supporter, we should all be able to agree that the President of the United States of America must surely have a bit of work experience before they’re given the job.

We can’t even get a few weekend shifts at the local supermarket without having volunteered in a million different charity shops in our preteen years. Why should the presidency be any different?

It totally shouldn’t. Whether people like her or not, Hillary Clinton has been in politics most of her life, and we’re pretty sure that makes her more than a little qualified to run the country.

Trump? Well, this all seems to be a bit of a New Year’s resolution “new year new me” mantra to us. Sure, he’s been running in political circles for a while now, but he has no where near the same level of experience and knowhow as Hillary.

We’re sure Hillary is pretty used to it though. Most women are. Second best isn’t anything new even to some of the most successful women around.

And then of course there’s the “lesser of two evils” mantra. We totally understand why some people might not have wanted to vote for either of the two primary candidates, morally speaking, and that’s down to them – but we’re a little concerned that some people think Trump and Hillary are on a level playing field.

Doesn’t this just scream sexism? What cruel reminders that women will always have to work twice as hard for even less payout than men. We’re pretty sure if Hillary had been accused and found guilty of the same things as Trump has she wouldn’t have been on yesterday’s ballot paper whatsoever.

It’s disgusting that a man who speaks of women in such a vile manner, who openly and vocally is racist and xenophobic, whose running mate thinks gay people can be “straightened out” with a little electroshock therapy, has been allowed to make it this far into the campaign – and win.

What’s even more heartbreaking is that real, living, breathing people fell into his fear-mongering trap and voted him into the position.

What are the women of the US supposed to think when one of the most powerful men in the world thinks grabbing them by their vajayjays is okay because he’s famous and can get away with whatever he wants?

Newsflash. We’re sorry to frighten you even more but now he’s not even just famous he’s going to be the president.


These authors are so not happy about the election result. WE FEEL YOU!


This election will make history but I don’t get a say. Here’s what it’s like to be an American teen in 2016.

And let’s not forget to take a look at the voting breakdowns – there’s some surprising stuff in there that’s just that little bit more scary.

According to CNN’s exit polls, the overwhelming majority of white people voted Republican with every other race keeping it blue with the Democrats.

And the worst news?

That’s right, it may very well have just been white women that completely threw this election into the hands of Donald Trump. Bit of a surprise for us too. We’d expect women to be a little more sympathetic to the cause. After all, we know what it’s like to be pushed under the bus.

Sadly that didn’t happen though, and whilst obviously there are a lot of white women out there who voted Hillary and are helping to get minority voices heard, the reality is that if even a little more women voted Democrat the election result could’ve been a very different story.

Proof that if only millennials had voted in the US election, the world wouldn’t be doomed right now

For women of colour, disabled women, LGBTQ+ women etc. life must be pretty scary right now. And not even just for women – for people of all genders.

As a privileged person it is YOUR responsibility to look out for those who don’t share in the same benefits as you, whether that be people of different genders, different class, different race. Everybody is equal.

So perhaps more white men and women should have thought about their black neighbours and the LGBT+ youths of today before they voted. Maybe they should’ve thought about the immigrants they know who moved for a shattered American Dream before they voted.

Maybe these women should’ve thought about themselves, thought about the actions and words of Donald Trump in both the campaign run and beyond, before voting.

But these are all just maybes. At this point, the deed is done, and we can only hope in the next 4 years that Donald Trump doesn’t abuse his power any more than he already has. We’d love a president who believes in equality, please.

Remember: feminism isn’t just for women. Even though there might be a lot of difficulty surrounding the name, we at MP! know the very best people believe in equal rights for everybody.

What are your thoughts on this year’s electoral result? Happy or absolutely terrified too? Let us know in the comments – and keep it friendly!

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