13 tweets which show how hilariously unprepared we British are for the summer

We British know that the summer is almost a thing of legend. What is that mysterious thing in the sky? Why does my skin feel prickly and hot? When it’s not rainy or cloudy or freezing cold, honestly we all just feel kind of… confused. And too hot (Hot damn).

Every year, without fail, we realise how ridiculously unprepared we are for the sprinkling of hot weather though, so we’ve decided to collect together 13 hilarious tweets that will resonate with every Briton. We feel ‘ya.

1. Sun cream… what is that again?

2. We don’t trust the Met Office

*Suspiciously eyes the weather app*

3. Even our iPhones don’t know how to function

4. We’re unsure what that big ball of fire in the sky IS exactly

5. Even when we try and embrace it, things go wrong

6. British summer barely measures up to the hot weather in other countries, but that won’t stop us complaining

7. This is a serious issue we have

8. Seriously… what IS that?

9. Even medical professionals like the NHS are confused by the heat (?)

10. Our all black aesthetic comes at a cost

11. The #BritishSummerProblems are ongoing

12. We’re not exaggerating how unprepared everyone was for the heat

13. And even when we are prepared for it, we blink and it’s gone

How are you coping with the heat? Tweet us @maximumpop!

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