Union J’s new single ‘You Got It All’ is everything.

Whatever you’re doing, stop it. Stop your entire life. Stop your entire life right now and wear a hard hat because you are about to be blown away: The Official Boy-Band Hair Off Winners Union J are back with their new single/music video ‘You Got It All’ and GOD DAMN is it good!

Let’s dissect the song and the video individually shall we?

The song: From the opening piano twinkles, you know this is ballad o’clock. The “some people got something, some people got other things, but you got it all” verses follow the same lyrical paths as ‘All Of Me’, but finds that balance between getting stuck in your brain and not being annoying (unlike ‘All Of Me’). The boys have a good share of vocals with Jaymi being saved for the middle 8 warbling, which is the right way to go.

And then there’s that chorus. It’s got a meteoric rise kind of like Westlife’s classic ‘You Raise Me Up’, and each chorus has the energy of a post stand-up-for-the-key-change final minute. When we do get to that moment in this song, in come all the backing singers for some gospel choir fists in the air belting.

Get your lighters in the air

The video: The gospel choir is a good segue into talking about the video, because for arty (or budget) reasons the video is proper minimalist; only featuring the four boys and and some well placed lighting. And it works. Black and white obviously makes everything look better, and the boys can all work that camera, with the projections of their silhouettes adding a bit of flavour to the video. We especially like the wide city shots with the boys projections on them too, although  we think a cheeky bit of computer whizardry might’ve been at play there.

All in all, this is really good stuff and easily the best single Union J have put out. Well done boys, we’ll be buying this on release day for sure!

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